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Supporting Immigrant Families: A Conversation with Carla Paredes from HACAN

Updated: Jul 8

In the latest episode of "Face to Face with the Community" on 87.7 FM, we had the honor of hosting Carla Paredes, the executive director of HCAN. During our conversation, Carla shared inspiring details about the crucial work this non-profit organization does to support the immigrant community.

What is HCAN?

HCAN, which stands for "Strong Families, Strong Communities," is an organization dedicated to providing essential support to immigrant families. Their mission is to help parents and children navigate the educational and social system in their new country. Carla explained that HCAN offers access to education and vital resources, focusing especially on the prevention of sexual abuse and child neglect, topics that are still taboo in many communities.

HCAN Programs

HCAN offers several programs designed to meet the needs of different age groups:

  • Morning Star: This program is held every Saturday at the Woodrow Wilson Library in Falls Church and serves children from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. It includes STEM activities, tutoring, and educational support.

  • Parent Classes: These classes help parents understand and better support their children within the U.S. educational system.

  • Star: Designed for high school students, this program provides additional resources and support to ensure their academic success.

How to Participate and Support

Carla called on the community to get involved and support these programs through volunteering and donations. HCAN needs committed volunteers who can help with tutoring in areas such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Interested individuals must go through a selection and background check process to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

Additionally, HCAN has a sponsorship program where individuals can make a donation of $250. These donations are crucial for covering program expenses and allowing the expansion of activities to new locations in Fairfax County.

A Call to Action

To learn more about HCAN’s programs and how to get involved, Carla invited everyone to visit their website at They can also be contacted directly at 571-992-8547. Carla concluded with a message of hope and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of strengthening our families and communities together.


It was a pleasure to have Carla Paredes on "Face to Face with the Community." Her dedication and the positive impact of HCAN on the lives of many immigrant families are truly inspiring. We will continue to support and promote this important cause.

For more information on how to support HCAN and their programs, visit or contact them at 571-992-8547. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many immigrant families.

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